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We have done casting of all kinds and sizes through the years, but to be able to serve you well, we are most cost effective to produce products of ductile iron for the auto industry of around 10 kg/unit with a range of 3 to 60 kg/unit.  With our NIHARD products, our size range is between 8 to 110 kg/unit

We also prefer to offer both casting and machining together especially for our exported products. This will enable us to minimize interface problems and reach our goal of zero defects.


Product Development Cycle

Our new product development cycle varies depending on the complexity of the parts, applicable standards, our customer, and their requirements. The process takes usually between 90 and 120 days from initial phase, to the start of production for the auto industry parts, and about half of that for NIHARD parts.  The followings are our normal product development phases

·         Preliminary Study and Cost analysis

·         Patterns/tools Design

·         Internal pre test and Simulations

·         Patterns/tools  Manufacturing

·         Survey Plan approval

·         Initial Samples approval

·         Production

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